Nanny Giggles
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Welcome to Nanny Giggles' website!
Nanny Giggles 
While living in North Carolina with my husband, he was the manager of a pizza restaurant in Durham.  The clown that he was employing there on Saturdays, got very ill and couldn’t perform anymore.  So of course, he looked at me and said “Honey, why don’t you be my clown?”  I replied, “Honey, what is a clown?”  Well that was 13 years ago, and here I am.  I gathered books, read a lot of information on the internet, spoke with clowns at magic stores, and such.  Made my first clown costume myself, and here I am.  I have been doing this constantly ever since.
Clowning lets me interact with children!  That is something that I absolutely love doing.  I make them smile, make them laugh, exchange stories, and get to see them the happiest that I can make them, just by being silly.
Children are not allowed to be children these days.  There are instances and people that make children grow up way too fast.  I try to keep the imagination and fun and hopes and dreams of a child alive!  Belief in something is truly good for the soul, mind, and also body.  So I live in the world of make believe and that is where they come to see me.
I have been doing a lot of areas of clowning.  I did the restaurant clowning every Saturday for many years.  I moved to Southern Minnesota in 2002.  I have been doing birthday parties, social events, occupation celebrations, grand openings, church gatherings and the like.  I twist balloons, I do little pocket magic, I tell silly stories and jokes.  I let the children be silly, and fun for a brief time while they are with me.
I attended Mooseburger Clown Camp in 2011 and learned sooo... many new things.  I met and interacted with 100s of clowns from around the world.  The learning for a clown never stops and I am realizing that I am a seed in the garden of imagination and clowning.

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